As A CEO, Trisha Yearwood Is Hitting All The Right Notes

As A CEO, Trisha Yearwood Is Hitting All The Right Notes

TRISHA YEARWOOD CALLS US AT NOON ON THE DOT AND IMMEDIATELY WORRIES  that she’s late. And we’ll admit it, we’re surprised. It’s an anomaly for a musician to be on time… especially when said musician is one of the top country music artists of all time. In our opinion, she’s earned herself a little leeway.

Since launching her career in 1991, Yearwood (who turns 53 this month), has sold more than 15 million albums worldwide and won three Grammy Awards, three Country Music Association Awards, two Academy of Country Music Awards, an American Music Award and a Pollstar Industry Award for touring. None of her success came from being a diva or, as it happens, from being late. But being smart? That’s a different story.

She tells us about a producer she worked with who, because she was a musician, expected her to be late and therefore always showed up 15 minutes after the set time of their meetings. To make a point, she started matching his lateness, arriving just as he would. When he realized what she was doing, he changed his tardy ways fast. “He said, ‘Yeah, we are going back to being on time—that’s what we’re going to do,’” she recalls.

This cleverness has helped the country chanteuse excel in both her musical career and her corporate one. In addition to singing, Yearwood is an extremely hands-on CEO of her own self-titled lifestyle empire, and an accomplished chef and author who’s released three successful cookbooks—all of which earned her a place on The New York Times’ best-sellers list. She has also tried her hand at television, with a recurring role on JAG between 1998 and 2002 and, since 2012, hosting the Trisha’s Southern Kitchen culinary series on the Food Network, which won an Emmy.